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Eurowind Energysolutions Company Profile

Eurowind Energysolutions goal is to deliver solutions in renewable energy with wind turbines as the key variable.

We have a broad knowledge of the structure and operation of wind turbines in the MW class, it is this knowledge we will now use to provide green energy solutions for private and commercial.

The turbine is ideal to combine with another alternate energy source powered by electricity.
This refers specifically to geothermal (heat pumps) as these can be driven by the electricity the turbine generates.

Eurowind Energysolutions has delivered a complete geothermal to a company based in Hobro and it has been possible to obtain permission for erection of 3 pcs turbines in connection with such construction.

In every case where the intention is to erect a windturbine please contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer question and to asist with necesarry paperwork in regards to approval etc.

  • Eurowind Energy Solution A/S
  • Mariagervej 58 B
  • 9500 Hobro
  • Tlf.: +45 96 20 70 40
  • post@ewes.dk